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Pest Control

Insight Pest Control Montreal Services

  • Thorough Pest Inspections
  • Ant Control
  • Rodent Control/Rat Control
  • Wasp Nest Removal
  • Spider Control/Spider Web Removal
  • Boxelder Bug Control
  • Mosquito Control/Mosquito Treatment


Here at Insight Pest Control Montreal, we pride ourselves on being able to decipher the best pest control services for your needs. The way we are able to do this is by having our expert technicians conduct a thorough inspection in and around your home. First, the technician will inspect the outside of your home. Not only will they inspect the base of your home, but the structure of the house as well as 10-15 feet around your home’s base. While examining these areas, the technician will look for signs of pest activity or damages that were likely caused by pests. After the inspection is complete outside, the technician moves onto the inside of the house. Inside, the technician will focus on areas of the home where pests often enter the house, nest, or cause typical damage. For example, your technician will look in places where lots of water resides, such as under your kitchen sink, in bathrooms, and around laundry rooms, because those areas often attract pests.

To ensure that your needs are met, your technician will address any concerns you may have. For example, suppose you have come across signs of damage from one particular pest. In that case, your technician will tailor their inspection towards identifying this pest’s possible access points, nesting areas, droppings, and any damage they may have created. After the inspection is complete, your technician will answer all your questions and give you suggestions on what pest control services are needed for your home. Expect nothing but the best pest control services and quality customer care from our team at Insight Pest Solutions Canada.

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Professional Exterminator Montreal

Pests can be really bothersome when they are found in the home and can often be frustrating to deal with, especially without the help of a professional exterminator. Luckily, Insight Pest Control Montreal offers ant control, spider control, wasp nest removal, and mice control (among other rodent control services). These pests are all nearly impossible to get rid of without the help of an Insight Pest Exterminator. If you are experiencing a pest infestation in or around your home, it is important to take action right away. There are a number of different solutions that Insight Pest Control Montreal offers to eradicate unwanted pests from your home to create a safe and healthy environment once again.

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Insight Pest Control Montreal is a reliable, affordable, and effective pest control service. We are licensed and insured, and we have been providing pest control services to Montreal residents since 2010. We are experts in dealing with all types of pests, including ants, spiders, wasps, mice, and more. Our treatments are not only safe for people & pets but the environment as well.

Our expertly trained pest control team members strive for 100% satisfaction. We make sure that the treatments we deliver are based on your personal needs and concerns in order for you to enjoy your house and greenspaces year-round. Our state-of-the-art pest control tools and top-notch customer service will help alleviate any pest concerns you may have. So go ahead, give us a call for a free quote and see why Insight Pest Solutions is the preferred pest control company in your area.

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Our mission at Insight is to promote and improve the quality of customer service to the customers we represent. Here at Insight we aspire to provide positive pest solutions and services for the community in which we live, work, and do business.


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If you are looking for a reliable, affordable, and effective pest control service to take care of your needs in Montreal, Insight Pest Solutions is the right choice. We offer a wide range of services, including ant control, wasp nest removal, mouse extermination, general pest control service, moth control, etc. If you are searching for pest control Montreal, then contact us today for more information on our professional and dependable mice or rat elimination services!


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